Tom Woo

University of Ottawa

Tom Woo grew up in Calgary, AB and obtained a BSc in chemistry at the University of Calgary in 1992. He then worked at Nova Chemicals in Calgary where he worked with Tom Ziegler to initiate an in-house molecular modeling program to aid in the company’s catalyst development efforts. Following this he started a PhD in theoretical chemistry with Tom Ziegler at the University of Calgary, which earned the 1999 Canadian Association of Graduate Studies Distinguished Dissertation Award for Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering. Following a post-doctoral fellowship at the ETH Zürich with Profs. Röthlisberger and van Gunsteren he started his independent career at the University of Western Ontario in 2000. In late 2005, he moved to the University of Ottawa as a Canada Research Chair in Catalyst Modelling and Computational Chemistry where he is currently a full professor of chemistry and associate editor of the Journal of Molecular Catalysis A (in charge of the computational manuscripts). His current research interests include the study of nanoporous materials where he has most recently been developing materials informatics and machine learning tools for large scale virtual screening of materials for clean energy applications.