David M. Perrin, University of British Columbia

Presented by Glen Ikeda, Patent Manager, Legal Affairs, Teva Canada

David M. Perrin obtained his PhD at University of California at LA with the late David Sigman where he worked on nucleic acid bioconjugates of phenanthroline copper that would target oxidative DNA scission. He then completed postdoctoral work with the late Claude Helene in Paris where he merged synthetic nucleoside triphosphates with combinatorial molecular biology to discover the first RNaseA-mimicking DNAzyme. In 2000 he accepted a position at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Chemistry and now holds the rank of full professor.  His interests in bioorganic chemistry extend broadly to new protein-inspired nucleic acid catalysts, probing ribozyme mechanisms, studying the mechanism of peptide natural product action, and using boronic acids to capture aqueous fluoride-18 for the one step labeling of biomolecules for PET imaging.  He has published 45 independent peer-reviewed works on these subjects.