Marco Ciufolini

University of British Columbia

Marco A. Ciufolini was born in Rome, Italy in 1956. He received a BS in 1978 from Spring Hill College, Mobile, Alabama, and a PhD in 1981 from the University of Michigan, under the direction of M. Koreeda. After postdoctoral studies with S. Danishefsky at Yale University, 1982–1984, he accepted an academic position at Rice University, in Houston, Texas, where he became full professor in 1997. At the end of 1997 he moved to the École supérieure de chimie, physique et électronique de Lyon and the University of Lyon, where he held a chair of organic chemistry until July 2004, when he returned to North America to accept his current position as Canada Research Chair in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of British Columbia. His research interests focus on the development of new reactions for the assembly of nitrogen-containing compounds and on the total synthesis of nitrogenous natural products.