Michael A. Brook

McMaster University

Michael Brook is a professor of chemistry and chemical biology at McMaster University in Hamilton. His research is interdisciplinary: he collaborates with scientists and chemical engineers in academia and industry on a variety of subjects. Brook is an expert in silicon, silica and silicone chemistry. He wrote the solely authored book Silicon in Organic, Organometallic and Polymer Chemistry and was Americas editor of Silicon Chemistry. He has published over 235 papers, has 7 patents granted and several submitted patents. His main interests revolve around the application of silicon chemistry to materials science, particularly in interfacial control for biomedical applications. Currently, his research has three main axes: manipulation of silicone elastomers for improved biocompatibility (particularly surface properties), developing silicone surfactants to structure growth of silicone hydrogels and make wettable biomaterials, and developing synthetic strategies to create high molecular weight silicones with explicit structural control.

Brook won the Frederic Stanley Kipping Award for Silicon Chemistry, and was a Canadian Killam Research Fellow. With Mark McDermott, McMaster University, he won the Synergy Prize for Industrial Collaboration from NSERC and the Conference Board of Canada. Brook won the President’s Award for Instruction.

Brook consults extensively, and has served on Expert Advisory Panels on Breast Implants for the Therapeutic Products Directorate of the Health Canada and was an External expert reviewer for Environment Canada.