Dennis Hore

University of Victoria

Dennis Hore obtained his BSc in chemistry from McMaster University in 1996. During his PhD (2002) working with Almeria Natansohn  at Queen's University and Paul Rochon at Royal Military College, he studied the chiral response of photo-active polymers with applications in optical data storage. He was then a post-doctoral fellow in Geri Richmond's group at the University of Oregon  from 2003-2006, studying solvent and surfactant structure at the air-water interface. He joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Victoria in 2007, where he develops optical methods and associated modelling techniques to probe molecules adsorbed at the solid-liquid interface. His group has worked on fundamental questions surrounding the structure of interfacial water, surfactants, amino acids and peptides on mineral, polymer, and metal surfaces. A current theme is understanding the role of water in governing early events in cell adhesion.