A.B.P. Lever

York University

A. B. P. Lever (Barry) received his BSc and PhD degrees at Imperial College London and post-doctoral training with Ron Nyholm and Jack Lewis at University College London. He accepted his first teaching position at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology before emigrating to Canada in 1967 to join the rapidly growing York University as an associate professor, later rising through the ranks to professor and distinguished research professor (DRP) and now DRP emeritus.

He received the CSC Alcan Award in 1981, the Gerhard Herzberg Award from the Spectroscopy Society of Canada in 1996, a Killam Foundation Fellowship in 2000/02, and the Linstead Award (SPP) in 2002.

His text books Inorganic Electronic Spectroscopy (1968, 1984) have played a pivotal role for over 40 years in training students worldwide in electronic spectroscopy, and remain the pedagogical texts in this field.  Multi-volume monographs co-edited with Ed Solomon, with Harry Gray and with Clifford Leznoff, and his editorship of Volumes 1 and 2 of Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry have also played major roles. He is the founding and continuing editor of Coordination Chemistry Reviews and initiated the very successful (Ontario) Inorganic Discussion Weekend, now in its 47th year.