Xing-Fang Li, FCIC

University of Alberta

Xing-Fang Li, FCIC, received her BSc from Hangzhou Zhejiang University in 1983, MSc from the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1986, MSc from Brock University in 1990, and PhD from the University of British Columbia in 1994. After postdoctoral research with Norm Dovichi at the University of Alberta, she worked as a research scientist for a mass spectrometry company and as the director of the Analytical Division for a biopharma company. She was recruited to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta in 2001 with the support of an NSERC University Faculty Award, and was promoted to full professor in 2011. She previously received the CSC McBryde Medal, the Killiam Annual Professorship and the Excellence in Mentoring Award from the University of Alberta. Her current research includes: (i) characterizing new drinking water disinfection by-products of toxicological significance, (ii) studying the toxicity of emerging water contaminants, (iii) generating DNA aptamers that bind to specific microbial pathogens, and (iv) developing assays for detection of microbial infections and environmental contaminants.