Paul Nomikos, INVISTA Canada

Presented by Luis Ricardez Sandos, Chair of Systems and Control Division (Right)

Paul Nomikos is a senior research scientist at INVISTA Canada. He received his BSc from Aristotle University in 1990 and his PhD in chemical engineering from McMaster University in 1995. He joined the Nylon division of DuPont in 1995 that eventually formed INVISTA in 2004.

His work with John F. MacGregor on multivariate analysis is considered a significant stepping stone in the proliferation of these methods in a wide spectrum of industries. He received in 2002, the Daedalus Award (highest award of DuPont Canada) for his contributions to Nylon Batch polymerization. His work at INVISTA spans the full spectrum of Nylon-6,6 (salt to yarn) across the globe in the areas of statistical analysis, process, and quality control. In parallel with his work at INVISTA, he provides a graduate course on Multivariate Analysis and Applications as adjunct professor at Queen’s University.

He is fortunate enough to live in the Information Age where data are abound, and to help develop “information sieves” that extracts the “golden nuggets” that are present in gigabytes of stored information. His work is the transformation of data into knowledge and ultimately into value (cost, quality, productivity, energy efficiency, etc).

He lives in Kingston with his wife Dora and two kids (Julia and Yiannis).