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The CSChE Innovation Award is presented to an individual, who has not reached the age of 40, for a distinguished contribution to the field of chemical engineering while working in Canada.

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Benoit H. LessardThe 2021 winner of the CSChE Innovation Award is:

Benoit H. Lessard,
University of Ottawa
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Prof. Benoit H. Lessard is a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Advanced Polymer Materials and Organic Electronics in the Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering at the University of Ottawa since 2015. In 2019,he was promoted to Associate Professor where his research has focused on the design and engineering of carbon-based electronics from solar cells to transistors and sensors. He was awarded the 2018 Ontario Early Researcher Award, the 2015 Charles Polanyi Prize in Chemistry and one of the 2017 and 2019 Emerging Leaders of Chemical Engineering Plenary Presentation at Canadian Chemical Engineering Society (CCEC2017 & CCEC2019). Since 2008, Prof. Lessard has published 94 peer-reviewed journal articles, 14 patent applications, one book chapter and presented his work over 90 times at international and national conferences. Prof. Lessard is the co-founder of Ekidna Sensing Inc, which is a spinoff company based on his work with cannabinoid sensors. Prior to joining uOttawa, Prof. Lessard completed an NSERC Banting Fellowship at the University of Toronto studying crystal engineering and optoelectronic device fabrication, and obtained his PhD (2012) from McGill University in Polymer reaction engineering.

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