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The Award for Best Graduate Student Paper Published in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering is presented for outstanding published work by a graduate student. 

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Tiffany Dang

The 2022 winner of the Award for Best Graduate Student Paper Published in The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering is:

Tiffany Dang
University of Calgary
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For the paper “Computational fluid dynamic characterization of vertical-wheel bioreactors used for effective scale-up of human induced pluripotent stem cell aggregate culture,” Can. J. Chem. Eng. 2021, 99(11), 2536 by Tiffany Dang, Breanna S. Borys, Shivek Kanwar, James Colter, Hannah Worden, Abigail Blatchford, Matthew S. Croughan, Tareq Hossan, Derrick E. Rancourt, Brian Lee, Michael S. Kallos, Sunghoon Jung.

Tiffany Dang (she/her) is a PhD student in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Calgary. She completed her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering with a specialization in biomedical engineering at the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on understanding the interactions between biological variables and hydrodynamic forces in stem cell bioreactor culture. In doing so, she aims to develop tools that can be used for the large scale biomanufacturing of stem cells for applications such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. She is the recipient of the Rona Hatt Chemical Engineering Leadership Award, the TENET Medical Engineering Scholarship, and the Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship. Outside of her research, she is an active member of the biomedical engineering community and continuously works to foster collaborations between researchers in medicine, biology, and engineering.

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