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The Strem Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry is presented to a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who has made an outstanding contribution to inorganic chemistry, demonstrating exceptional promise, while working in Canada.

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The 2023 winner of the Strem Chemicals Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry is:

Oleksandr Voznyy, MCIC
University of Toronto
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Alex earned his Ph.D. in physics of semiconductors from Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine for his work on indium-gallium nitrides. 
In 2004 he joined the Jan Dubowski lab at University of Sherbrooke as a postdoc, working on theoretical modeling of laser-assisted quantum well intermixing and self-assembled monolayers on semiconductor surfaces. 

In 2008 he moved to Quantum Theory Group at NRC in Ottawa, where he worked on many-body problems in semiconductor and graphene quantum dots; in particular, multi-exciton generation and Auger recombination.  Alex joined Ted Sargent’s lab at UofT in 2011 and worked on characterization and modeling of nanocrystal surfaces for applications in photovoltaics and lasing.  In 2018, Alex joined the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto, Scarborough as an Assistant Professor in Clean Energy. His topics of interest are materials for energy storage and novel materials discovery using high-throughput experiments and machine learning. 


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