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The Keith Fagnou Award is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to organic chemistry while working in Canada. Eligible candidates must have received their Ph.D. no more than 12 years prior at the time of initial nomination.

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Graham Murphy

The 2021 winner of the Keith Fagnou Award is:

Graham Murphy, MCIC
University of Waterloo

Graham Murphy obtained his BSc in Chemistry from the University of Victoria in 2000. In 2001, he moved to the University of Alberta for doctoral studies, where he held the NSERC PGS-D award in the lab of Dr. Frederick West. His graduate work focused on applying oxonium ylides to the synthesis of fused, medium-sized rings and on natural product synthesis.  In 2007, he held a JSPS postdoctoral fellowship at Tohoku University in Japan, working with Dr. Masahiro Hirama on the total synthesis of Caribbean ciguatoxin. In 2008, he began his NSERC postdoctoral fellowship at Colorado State University, working with Dr. John Wood on the total synthesis of phomoidride D. Upon returning to Canada, he was supported by the Biorefining Conversions Network of the University of Alberta, developing biomass valorization strategies in the West lab. He began his independent career in 2011 as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo, and in 2017 he was awarded tenure and promoted to the rank of associate professor. His research interests focus on developing new synthetic methodologies, and using his synthetic expertise to collaboratively address issues of broader concern, from energy storage to health.

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