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The Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award recognizes the “best paper” published in the volume year of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) by a scientist residing in Canada.

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2022 Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award

Alex Speed, MCIC
Dalhousie University
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Alex Speed was born and raised in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. He obtained his honours BSc in 2006 from Dalhousie University, having been introduced to research by Prof. James Pincock, and Prof. Jean Burnell. Alex obtained his PhD from Harvard University in 2012, with Prof. David Evans, training in complex natural product total synthesis. This was followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Boston College with Prof. Amir Hoveyda, focusing on applications of molybdenum complex-catalyzed olefin metathesis. Alex returned to Dalhousie University as an assistant professor in 2015 and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2020. Alex’s research program has diverged from his background in total synthesis and explores chemistry at the boundaries of main-group and organic synthesis. Alex and his research group have explored the chemistry of diazaphospholenes, developing air-stable phosphorus-based catalysts for asymmetric reduction reactions. Other research interests in his group involve cyclopropenylidene carbene chemistry, controlled radical chemistry, synthesis of sulfur-containing heterocycles, sulfur hexafluoride activation and decomposition, and total synthesis of small nitrogen-containing natural products.


Erin N. WelshKatherine N. Robertson, and Alexander W.H. Speed. Gram-scale synthesis of the N-phenyl phenothiazine photocatalyst by benzyne addition. Canadian Journal of Chemistry100(11): 809-813. https://doi.org/10.1139/cjc-2022-0139

Title: “Gram-scale synthesis of the N-phenyl phenothiazine photocatalyst by benzyne addition”

Abstract:  “N-phenyl phenothiazine is one of the most reducing photoredox catalysts. Its synthesis commonly requires transition metal-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. Here, we show the syntheses of four aryl phenothiazines via a benzyne route, including a multigram-scale synthesis of N-phenyl phenothiazine. While yields are modest, the simplicity, low cost, and lack of requirement for cross-coupling catalysts in this synthesis will be attractive to users of this photocatalyst.”

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