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The Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award recognizes the “best paper” published in the volume year of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) by a scientist residing in Canada.

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2024 Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award

Jennifer Love, FCIC
University of Calgary
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Prof. Jennifer Love has been a Professor of Chemistry the University of Calgary since 2019, after beginning her career at the University of British Columbia in 2003 and rising through the ranks. Love’s programme spans the traditional boundaries of inorganic and organic chemistry. Her group aims to understand the reactivity at transition metal centres with the goal of developing fundamentally new, cost-effective, and low-waste reactions for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, materials, and agrochemicals. A significant effort in the Love group is to develop methods for the synthesis of and reactivity of fluorinated compounds. She has recently become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2023, and is a fellow both of the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK). She has given over 130 invited presentations around the world. She has served as President of the Canadian Society for Chemistry since June 2022, and previously served as Vice-President (June 2021-June 2022), and Director of Awards (June 2019-Nov 2021). She is currently the Chair of the Editorial Board of Chemical Society Reviews (RSC) since June 2020, and served as an Associate Editor for Catalysis Science & Technology from May 2015-June 2022. She has served on the editorial advisory boards of Dalton Transactions (RSC) and Inorganic Chemistry (ACS).


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