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The Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award recognizes the “best paper” published in the volume year of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry (CJC) by a scientist residing in Canada.

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Georgii Nikonov

2022 Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award

Georgii Nikonov, MCIC
Brock University
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Georgii Nikonov was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1992 with a Diploma with Excellence and obtained his Ph.D. from the same university in 1995 under advisor Prof. D. A. Lemenovskii. After a postdoctoral stint at the University of Nottingham, UK, in 1995-96 as an RSC Postdoctoral Fellow with Dr. P. Mountford, he returned to the MSU as a faculty member, where he was promoted to Senior Researcher in 2003. His research in that period was distinguished by Presidential Fellowships (1998, 1999, and 2000) and by the European Academy Award (1999). In 2005, Georgii moved to Brock University, Ontario, as an Associate Professor. He was promoted to Full Professor in 2010 and elected the Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, in 2012. Over the past ten years, Georgii has served on the advisory boards of Organometallics, Chemistry Select, and Dalton Transactions. In 2019, he received a Distinguished Research Award of the Faculty of Math and Science at Brock University. His research interests span a variety of topics in transition and main-group chemistry, homogeneous catalysis, reaction mechanisms, and nonclassical interactions.

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AuthorsOleg G. ShirobokovLyudmila G. KuzminaJudith A.K. Howard, and Georgii I. Nikonov “Imido silyl complexes of molybdenum: synthesis, structure, and unusual H2/silane exchange” Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 99(2), 161–164 (2021).

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