Sponsored by the Canadian Council of University Chemistry Chairs (CCUCC)

The CCUCC Chemistry Master of Science Award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement and potential in research by a graduate student who has fulfilled all of the requirements for an MSc degree for graduation from a Canadian university in the 12‐month period preceding the nomination deadline of Sept. 15. The formal convocation need not have occurred. In selecting candidates for the award, the Selection Committee shall be primarily concerned with demonstrated ability and achievements in research.

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Jason Hsu

The 2024 winner of the CCUCC Chemistry Master of Science Award is:

Jason Hsu

Wilfrid Laurier University


Jason Hsu is a recent master’s graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU). After completing his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from WLU, he was given the wonderful opportunity to start a master’s. Under his mentor, Dr. Hind Al-Abadleh, and in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC), they focused on the importance of surface chemistry in CO2 electrochemical reduction (CO2ER) on Cu surfaces. Over the next two years of his research, he applied IR spectroscopy and electrochemistry to explore the effects of electric potential on Cu nanoparticle surfaces. By observing CO2ER intermediates’ behaviour on Cu surfaces, new information was discovered on their binding mechanisms and their ability to undergo electrochemical reduction. Two published journal articles were submitted to Langmuir, and it has helped start paving a new path within CO2ER research. He is currently working as a GCMS lab analyst for LABSTAT as the start of his career in the chemical field.