Formerly the Maxxam Award

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The Ricardo Aroca Award is presented to a scientist residing in Canada who has made a distinguished contribution to the field of analytical chemistry while working in Canada.

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Parisa Ariya

The 2022 winner of the Ricardo Aroca Award is:

Parisa A. Ariya, MCIC
McGill University
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Prof. Ariya and her team explore physicochemical processes of particles in the atmosphere and on surfaces of air, water, snow, soil, and building at McGill University. Her lab designs novel technologies to track a single particle and cluster of airborne particles and waterborne living entities like viruses. This lab invented ultra-trace fast chemical detection capabilities with remote sensed (AI), as well as recyclable nano-sensors. They also decipher feedback mechanisms between atmospheric, biogeochemical, and microphysical processes. This lab also solves the pollution enigma by developing natural, sustainable technologies. Prof. Ariya has had the pleasure of mentoring over 170 bright HQP,  has authored over 145 international peer-reviewed papers, four patents, and one book, and has delivered over 350 proceedings and over 145 invited lectures on four continents. She has served as an editor & editorial board member of several international journals (including Analytical Chemistry & Chemical Society Reviews) while leading or participating in granting agencies globally. Born in Tehran and raised in 7 countries, Prof. Ariya is privileged to serve Canadian and international policy communities (e.g., lead author UN, EU, Canadian reports) as an international expert on bioaerosols, climate change, trace metals, and emerging contaminants. This lab serves citizens through community outreach and science education activities in Canada and internationally.

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