Canadian Society for Chemistry Awards

The Canadian Society for Chemistry confers awards to recognize professionals and students who have made outstanding contributions to the chemical sciences. Most CSC award winners receive their awards and present award lectures at the annual Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition.

Nominations for CSC Awards are now accepted electronically through ScholarOne.

Consult the CSC Awards Handbook for:

  • Complete Terms of Reference
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Lists of Past Winners for all CSC Awards
  • Submission Deadlines: the deadline for most CSC Awards is July 2 of each year.(Note: If July 2 falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the next working day)

Changes as of the 2020 awards:

  • If the nominee has previously received awards by the CSC and/or CIC, the nominator has to differentiate the current achievements from those that have been previously recognized.
  • CSC awards will not to be given out, if fewer than 3 nominations for an award are received.

Note that changes may be required to the specified Selection Committees (in consultation with the specific Division(s)) due to conflicts of interest, committee gender balance or other issues that may arise.

Meet the CSC Award Winners

Alfred Bader Award
Todd Lowary, University of Alberta

Award for Research Excellence in Materials Chemistry
Tomislav Friščić, McGill University

Bernard Belleau Award
David Perrin, University of British Columbia

Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Lectureship Award
Robert Britton, Simon Fraser University

Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award
Mita Dasog, Dalhousie University

Canadian Light Source T.K. Sham Award in Materials Chemistry
J.C. (Tito) Scaiano, O.C., FCIC, University of Ottawa

CCUCC Chemistry Doctoral Award
Soren K. Mellerup, Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (For research carried out at Queen's University under advisor Suning Wang)

Clara Benson Award
Diane Beauchemin, Queen's University

E.W.R. Steacie Award
Douglas W. Stephan, University of Toronto

Fred Beamish Award
Jennifer I-Ling Chen, York University

IntelliSyn Pharma Research Excellence Award
Christopher Boddy, University of Ottawa

John C. Polanyi Award
Wolfgang Jäger, University of Alberta

Keith Fagnou Award
Jean-Philip Lumb, McGill University

Keith Laidler Award
Pavle Radovanovic, University of Waterloo

R. U. Lemieux Award
Andrei K. Yudin, University of Toronto

Ricardo Aroca Award
John Headley, Environment Canada

Rio Tinto Award
George Shimizu, University of Calgary

Tom Ziegler Award
Artur Izmaylov, University of Toronto

W.A.E. McBryde Medal
Jean-François Masson, Université de Montréal