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The Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award is presented to an individual who, while residing in Canada, has made a distinguished contribution to macromolecular science or engineering.

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The 2023 winner of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award is:

Elizabeth Gillies, MCIC
The University of Western Ontario
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Prof. Gillies is a Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at Western University. She obtained her BSc from Queen’s University and PhD from University of California, Berkeley prior to joining Western. Her research focuses on developing chemical tools to introduce new functions and properties to macromolecules. She has developed classes of degradable polymers that depolymerize back to monomers or other small molecules upon the cleavage of the polymer’s end-cap by a specific stimulus. These polymers are garnering substantial interest among both academic and industrial communities for applications such as sensors, drug delivery vehicles, and degradable/recyclable plastics. Prof. Gillies has also made key contributions to the development of other degradable polymer platforms, such as poly(ester amide)s. Her research contributions have been recognized by an NSERC E. W. R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, election to the Royal Society of Canada College of New Scholars, Artists, and Tier 1 and 2 Canada Research Chairs. She has contributed to the scientific community in Canada and abroad, including as Chair of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division of the Chemical Institute of Canada and as an Associate Editor of the journal Biomacromolecules.


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