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The Environment Division R&D Dima Award is presented for distinguished contributions to research and/or development in the fields of environmental chemistry or environmental chemical engineering, while working in Canada.

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Feiyue WangThe 2021 winner of the Environment Division Research and Development Dima Award is:

Feiyue Wang
University of Manitoba

Feiyue (Fei) Wang is a Professor and Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Arctic Environmental Chemistry at the University of Manitoba. He studies environmental fate and effects of legacy and emerging contaminants. His recent research focuses on cold-temperature chemical and biogeochemical processes in the Arctic sea ice and marine environment, marine oil spill response, and the interplay between chemical contamination and climate change. He also holds an Honorary Professorship at Aarhus University (Denmark).

Dr. Wang directs the Ultra-Clean Trace Elements Laboratory, leads the Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility, and is Chief Scientist of the Churchill Marine Observatory’s Ocean-and-Sea-Ice Mesocosm. He serves as a project coordination member of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme. He also served as Chair of the Environment Division of the Chemical Institute of Canada. Dr. Wang received his PhD from Peking University (China) in 1995.

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