CIC Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships

The outstanding merits of our members are recognized through CIC Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships.

CIC Fellowships

CIC Fellowships are a distinctive type of membership that recognize the merits of members of the Constituent Societies of the CIC who have made outstanding contributions.

Nominations for CIC Fellowships can be made using the CIC Fellowship Nomination form. Completed forms should be sent to

Consult the CIC Fellowships Terms of Reference for:

  • Complete Terms of Reference
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Submission Deadlines (deadline for CIC Fellowships nominations is October 1 of each year)

The 2018 Fellows of the CIC are Chunbao (Charles) Xu, FCIC, Western University, Glen Loppnow, FCIC, University of Alberta, Nader Mahinpey, FCIC, University of Calgary, Hans-Peter Loock, FCIC, Queen's University, Stacey Wetmore, FCIC, University of Lethbridge, Stephen E. Horne, FCIC, Health Canada and Uttandaraman (U.T.) Sundararaj, FCIC, University of Calgary

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Honorary Fellowships

CIC Honorary Fellowsips are the highest honour for CIC members. They are granted to individuals for exceptional contributions to the chemical professions.There can be no more than 25 living Honorary Fellows at any time.

Submissions for Honorary Fellowship can be made at any time by contacting, and will be awarded upon approval of the CIC Board of Directors.

Consult the Honorary Fellowship Terms of Reference for:

  • Complete Terms of Reference
  • Eligibility Criteria

View a list of current recipents of the Honorary Fellowship.