Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award

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The Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award is presented to an individual who, while residing in Canada, has made a distinguished contribution to macromolecular science or engineering.

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The 2019 winner of the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Award is:

Christopher Barrett
McGill University

Christopher Barrett studied at Queen's University, completing a BSc in chemistry and physics in 1992, and an MSc in photochemistry in 1994.  He then worked for a year at the Royal Military College of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency on fiber optics and holographic storage, and returned to Queen’s to complete a PhD in 1997 on light-responsive polymers with the late Almeria Natansohn.  Christopher then spent 2 years at MIT in materials engineering as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow '98-'99, working on self-assembled polymers and bio-interfaces.

Barrett joined the McGill Chemistry Faculty in 2000, setting up light-responsive biopolymer labs in collaboration with McGill’s Center for Physics of Materials, School of Environment, and the Montreal Neurological Institute.  He and his 50 graduate students/PDFs have written 8 book chapters and 150 papers on Self-Assembly and Light-Harvesting Polymers, and Barrett has delivered 150 Invited Lectures on this research, and 30 more Public Outreach talks on Green Materials, Bio-Inspired Design, and Sustainable Energy.  He has been a JSPS Fellow at Tokyo Tech, a Fulbright Fellow at UCLA/Berkeley, and received awards for his research, his teaching, and his home wine and beer making.

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Presented by Bruce Lennox, FCIC, CIC Chair (right)

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