Stanislaw Skonieczny

University of Toronto

Stanisław Skonieczny graduated as a chemical engineer from the Technical University of Gdańsk, Poland, in 1970.  He got a PhD in 1975 and DSc degree in 1981 from the same university; In 1981 he joined James F. King group at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont; Since 1987 he has taught chemistry at the University of Toronto at all possible levels (from pre-university to graduate). In the meantime, he also taught organic chemistry at four universities in California during his sabbatical leaves.

He published 10 articles in chemical education journals and gave eight presentations at national and international conferences on chemical education.  He also co-authored a study guide with complete solutions and reviewed four textbooks.  He was one of the organizers of ChemEd 2001 (international conference on teaching chemistry at the high school and college level).

He has been actively involved in the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad program since 1987.  In 2001 he developed the Ontario Preparation Program and in 2005-2011 he acted as the National Director of the Canadian Chemistry and Physics Olympiads.