Zachary M. Hudson

University of Bristol (For research carried out at Queen’s University under advisor Suning Wang)

Zachary Hudson obtained his BSc from Queen’s University, where he undertook undergraduate research projects with Robert Lemieux, Hans-Peter Loock and Suning Wang. He joined the Wang group as a PhD student and NSERC Canada Graduate Scholar in 2008, publishing over 20 papers on inorganic and materials chemistry. His research focused on the design and synthesis of luminescent materials, as well as their use in chemical sensors, photochromic dyes, and solid-state lighting. During his PhD, Hudson also held international fellowships in China and Japan, studying at Jilin University with Yue Wang and at Nagoya University with Shigehiro Yamaguchi. He is currently an EU Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow with Ian Manners at the University of Bristol, where he is studying the self-assembly of block copolymer nanostructures.