Mita Dasog, California Institute of Technology (For research carried out at University of Alberta under advisor Jonathan Veinot)

Presented by Neil Burford, CCUCC Chair (right)

Mita Dasog began her research at the University of Saskatchewan, exploring the stability and catalytic properties of gold nanoparticles with Robert Scott. She also worked with Steve Westcott (ICE program) at Mount Allison University and Steve Foley (NSERC-USRA) at the University of Saskatchewan, exploring metal complexes for various catalytic reactions. Upon completion of her BSc in 2009, Dasog moved to the University of Alberta to begin her PhD studies with Jonathan Veinot. Her PhD research focused on the syntheses, properties, and applications of silicon based nano/micromaterials and thin films. During this time, she had the opportunity to visit the Technical University of Munich as a Green Talents visiting scholar, studying CO2 and NOx reduction with Bernhard Rieger.

Dasog has published over 20 papers in the field of nanomaterials, and has received numerous awards including the CSC Award for Graduate Work in Inorganic Chemistry, an NSERC Canadian Doctoral Scholarship, and a "Top 25" Global Young Scientists in Sustainable Research award sponsored by the German Federal Ministry. Currently, she is an NSERC post-doctoral fellow with Nathan Lewis at the California Institute of Technology, where she is studying the interaction of light with semiconductors.