Gabriel Ménard

Harvard University (For research carried out at University of Toronto under advisor Douglas Stephan)

Gabriel Ménard obtained his PhD at the University of Toronto in Doug Stephan’s group studying small molecule activation using frustrated Lewis pairs. His research focused on the transformation of greenhouse gases (CO2, N2O) or industrially important molecules (H2, olefins) into higher value products using main group compounds. Previously, Ménard completed a Master’s in Environmental Studies (MES) in 2010 at York University studying climate change and its impacts on developing countries. He also completed his MSc in 2008 at the University of British Columbia under the tutelage of Mike Fryzuk studying early metal activation and reduction of dinitrogen. He completed his BSc in 2006 at the University of Ottawa working with Sandro Gambarotta on olefin oligomerization, as well as spending a summer (NSERC-USRA) in J.C. (Tito) Scaiano’s group studying photochemistry and another summer at Dalhousie University (USRA/ICE) working with Neil Burford on phosphorus chemistry. Currently, Ménard is an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in Ted Betley’s group at Harvard University studying the multi-electron transformation of small molecules of energy importance using polynuclear metal complexes.