Orbite Aluminae Inc.


Established in 1995, Orbite Aluminae is a Canadian company dedicated to research and development of metallurgical-grade and high-purity alumina, and rare earths in various levels of purity. Since the beginning of the aluminium industry in southern France, back in 1893, one of its biggest problems has always been the negative environmental impact of alumina production. Alumina is the primary material used to make aluminium, and is extracted from bauxite ore. The present process is very polluting as it produces more dangerous waste than alumina. Depending on the quality of the bauxite, between 1 and 2 tonnes of waste is produced for each tonne of alumina. Orbite Aluminae has engineered a green, eco-friendly technology for producing alumina from clay and fly ash. That game-changing chemical process completely eliminates red mud, and represents by far the most important environmental innovation in the aluminium industry. For the first time in history, it is possible to produce the same quality of alumina and aluminium without any red mud>