Roger Gaudreault

TGWT Clean Technologies Inc.

Roger Gaudreault’s contribution to green chemistry research and development has been made through over 30 years of dedicated work for the pulp and paper industry, green water treatment and green energy. His expertise notably spearheaded him to develop an integrated innovation green chemistry approach based on recycled fibres. Gaudreault’s scientific and applied background helped developed strong partnerships between academia and industry. He has been an affiliated member of the Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis (CGCC) since 2011.

Gaudreault has managed Cascades R&D Centre and Innovation for 20 years, leading to numerous new processes such as chlorine-free bleaching and green innovative consumer products. In the last years, at TGWT Clean Technologies, he has been leading the development of green tannin-based corrosion inhibitors for the industrial water treatment as well as research projects to produce biofuel using wood-biomass.

Gaudreault has been involved for five years in the Green Products Fibre Network (GFN) and Forest Innovation By Research and Education (FIBRE), contributing to accelerate green chemistry and technology transfer and providing ongoing HQP training to students on research and industry approaches.

He has given numerous scientific and sustainable innovation talks to over 4500 business and public decision makers, e.g. The Standing Senate Committee of Canada on Agriculture and Forestry; The Conference Board of Canada; Les Entretiens Jacques-Cartier; ISPIM; Science & Policy Exchange; Universities; FORAC; Chambers of Commerce and Industries. Dr. Gaudreault has been involved in many industries, innovation and scientific boards to promote innovative green processes, products and chemistry.