Yvonne Clifford

Jacob Hespeler Secondary School, Cambridge, Ont.

Yvonne Clifford is proud to teach at Jacob Hespeler Secondary School in Cambridge, Ont. She received her formal post-secondary education at Queen’s University. Her informal (though no less valuable) education has come from the following: learning from her many wonderful mentors, visiting many museums, reading professional journals such as Chem 13 News, and by attending a variety of conferences, including and especially Chem Ed and Science Teacher's Association of Ontario (STAO).

Clifford owes a huge debt of gratitude to Edward James, who taught her to enjoy teaching all levels of students, regardless of their ability; Stan Wigg, who very ably guided her through her formative years of teaching; and Steve Quanz, who taught her how to run a programme which addresses particularly the needs of kinesthetic learners.

Her primary goal is to have every student experience the wonder of chemistry. She warmly encourages students to take chemistry, with kinesthetic learning activities the dominant component.Her classes include an abundance of practical laboratory time, thereby helping her students reinforce their knowledge of the critical chemistry concepts and give meaning to the theoretical component as well.

Clifford is able to reach her potential as a teacher only because of the loving support she receives from her husband, Matthew, and her three children, Benjamin, Charlotte, and Mary.