Jennifer Pitt-Lainsbury

University of Toronto Schools, Toronto, Ont.

Jenny Pitt-Lainsbury teaches grades 7 to 12 science and chemistry at the University of Toronto Schools. She went to McMaster University and graduated with a BSc in chemistry and BA in French. After solidifying her love of teaching while working for a year at the Politechnica National in Quito, Ecuador, she came back to Canada and got her BEd from the University of Toronto.  Pitt-Lainsbury also has an MA in comparative international and development education from the University of Toronto and she is completing her MBA at the University of Fredericton. She regularly speaks at education, science and chemistry conferences and writes articles for chemistry and science publications. She is the national examiner for the Canadian Chemistry Contest.

Her interests are diverse but there is no question that Pitt-Lainsbury loves teaching chemistry and working with students. “I don’t think there is another profession where anyone so consistently experiences the joy of discovery, the spark of curiosity and the satisfaction of meaningful relationships. I am inspired by my students on a daily basis and I hope to challenge them all to push their boundaries regardless of their initial level of confidence, knowledge and ability”.

Good teaching grows from strong learning communities. Jenny gratefully acknowledges the benefits she has gained from all of the encouragement and expertise of her teachers, mentors and colleagues over the years. Parents also play a pivotal role in providing feedback and support of their children. Pitt-Lainsbury’s reflective inquiry into her teaching practice is so much richer because of the input of parents and students.

Studying chemistry can be one of the biggest academic challenges for high school students. Jenny hopes to effectively encourage each student, help them develop a wonder and love of chemistry and support them in building problem solving skills which they can apply to whatever field they enter.