Kelly Hawboldt

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Kelly Hawboldt received her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. After working as an engineer for a sour gas processing plant she returned to do her Master’s in chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary. She worked in the environmental industry for 2 years, evaluating waste streams and designing mitigation systems for petroleum, fertilizer and petrochemical facilities. She returned to do her PhD in chemical and petroleum engineering at the University of Calgary. Since joining Memorial in 2000, Hawboldt has focused her research in green processing of natural resources, with a particular focus on processing systems that are appropriate for remote, harsh climate locations. Developing technologies that can be deployed in a region where infrastructure may hamstring conventional approaches, can help ensure the sustainability of communities through decreases in transportation and fuel costs and providing an industry to the region. In particular, Hawboldt is studying waste to products, using waste from fish processing plants for fuels and by-products recovery and forestry residue to biofuels. She has published over 60 journal publications and conference presentations in the last six years and several invited papers to journals. She works closely with industry and communities to ensure real issues are incorporated into her research. She has several grants with NSERC, MITACS, Canadian Foundation for Innovation, and has several collaborative grants with oil and gas companies and the provincial and federal governments. She has served as an expert on provincial government committees such as the Energy Road Map, Kelligrews Watershed Committee, and Environmental Research Fund for the Canadian-NL Petroleum Board. She has been a member of the NSERC Strategic Grants committee, Discovery Grant Committee, and reviewed collaboration and research development grants. From 2008-2010 she served as associate dean research for the Faculty of Engineering and currently sits as chair of the Engineering Research Advisory Committee. She has graduated over 45 graduate students in the past 13 years and served as supervisor for the final term Process engineering undergraduate design project.