Aida Sharif Rohani, University of Ottawa

Presented by João Soares, Can. J. Chem. Eng. Editor-in-Chief (Right)

For her paper “Comparison of in-situ recovery methods of gas stripping, pervaporation, and vacuum separation by multi-objective optimization for producing biobutanol via fermentation process”, Can J Chem Eng 2015, 93, p. 986–997 by Sharif Rohani, A., Mehrani, P. and Thibault.

Aida Sharif Rohani is a chemical engineer (EIT) specializing in designing industrial gas purification systems, chemical process simulations and optimization. She graduated from University of Isfahan in Iran with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering (oil and gas processes). She worked as a chemical engineer in Isfahan Sugar Company for six months. Later she moved to Canada to pursue her Master of Applied Science degree at University of Ottawa. The area of her research was in multi-objective optimization for bio-butanol production. She is currently working as an application process specialist in Xebec Adsorption Inc. where she designs pressure swing adsorption processes and manages R&D projects with different universities across Canada.