Dennis Hall, FCIC

University of Alberta

Dennis Hall was born in northeastern Quebec. He obtained his PhD in organic chemistry in 1995 working under the supervision of Pierre Deslongchamps at Université de Sherbrooke. Between 1995-1997 he was an NSERC postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Peter G. Schultz at the University of California at Berkeley. Hall began his independent career in 1997 at the University of Alberta where he is currently University Professor of Chemistry and associate chair (research). The unifying theme of his diverse and interdisciplinary research program is the development of new synthetic and biological applications of organoboronic acid derivatives, with topics including stereocontrolled reaction methodology, catalysis, multicomponent reactions, and medicinal chemistry. He is the editor of the successful monograph “Boronic Acids – Preparation, Applications in Organic Synthesis, Medicine, and Materials”, now in its second edition. Hall received a number of awards, notably the 2008 Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences awarded by the National Research Council of Canada. He currently serves on the editorial board of Organic Reactions, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry.