The CSC manages the accreditation of undergraduate chemistry programs across Canada and around the world. Our program helps ensure that graduates are earning recognized degrees that are a firm foundation on which to build a career.

CSC Accredited Programs

Here’s how we ensure standards are maintained:

1st Cycle: To accredit the program for the first five years, a team of chemists visits the site, and and the CSC’s accreditation board performs a review.

2nd Cycle: To earn accreditation for the second five years, the program must pass a review by the CSC accreditation board.

Please note:

  • International accreditations require a site visit for the second cycle as well as the first.
  • Program cycles may be adjusted to align with provincially mandated program reviews.

The CSC Accreditation Board

Meet the Chair of the CSC Accreditation Committee

Alison Flynn is Associate Professor of Chemistry Education Research in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Ottawa. She also leads the Flynn Research Group, which conducts chemistry education research and creates tools to support student learning. She will be chairing the committee until 2020.

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