Accreditation of Canadian Chemistry Programs

The CSC manages the accreditation of undergraduate chemistry programs nationally and abroad. This program maintains national standards of education and promotes the portability of the qualifications of graduates from such programs.

The CSC’s accreditation program provides a complete listing of both national and international undergraduate programs that have been accredited by the Society, guidelines for accreditation, and the opportunity for universities to submit an invitation to the CSC to accredit their programs.

CSC accredited programs

Programs are accredited for five years based on a review by the CSC’s accreditation board which includes a site visit by a team of chemists; this is termed “1st cycle.” Programs are then re-accredited for a second five-year period, termed “2nd cycle,” based on a reassessment by the CSC’s accreditation board. International accreditations require a site visit for this cycle also. Program cycles may be altered slightly to correlate with the timing of provincially mandated program reviews.

See the complete listing of accredited programs sorted by university.

Getting accredited:

The department head at a Canadian or international university should fill out the CSC accreditation application form and contact the Chair of the Accreditation Committee to set up a site visit.


View CSC Canadian accreditation guidelines  English  Français

View CSC international accreditation guidelines  English  Français


Download the CSC accreditation application form for new undergraduate chemistry programs or those requiring a 1st cycle assessment  English   Français

Download the CSC re-accreditation application form for those already accredited undergraduate programs requiring  2nd cycle reassessments English   Français


View the current CSC accreditation committee 

Chair of the CSC Accreditation Committee:
Alison Flynn
University of Ottawa
Department of Chemistry
Ottawa, Ont.