The Chemical Institute of Canada works to advance the principles and practices of the chemical sciences for the betterment of society through three foci:

We support chemical science professionals at all stages of their career, helping to foster personal development and confidence. We engage students, the public, and Canada’s leaders in the wonders of the chemical sciences, creating dialogue, and growing understanding of the value the chemical sciences brings to the world. Our conferences, local events and forums bring the chemistry community together to share ideas. Our members are more informed, better connected, and more valuable to employers and institutions.


Countering corrosion

Anyone who works with metal recognizes the constant threat of corrosion, a problem that becomes especially profound for structures installed in the world’s oceans.

Science Literacy Week gets under way

Next week, September 16-22, is Science Literacy Week, an annual celebration of scientists and science communication that is taking place in locations across the country. Keep an eye out for events in your community. The local library may have a themed display of science books that come recommended by other readers. Science centres, museums, and...

Notorious killer yields a life-saving toxin

The death-cap looks much like any harmless variety of mushroom and is rumoured to have a pleasant flavour, but as its gruesome name suggests, tasting comes with serious consequences. Known formally as Amanita phalloides, this particular fungus can synthesize various families of toxins, like phallotoxins and amatoxins. One compound in particular gives the death-cap its...


October 25-28, 2020

70th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Ottawa, ON