The Chemical Institute of Canada works to advance the principles and practices of the chemical sciences for the betterment of society through three foci:

We support chemical science professionals at all stages of their career, helping to foster personal development and confidence. We engage students, the public, and Canada’s leaders in the wonders of the chemical sciences, creating dialogue, and growing understanding of the value the chemical sciences brings to the world. Our conferences, local events and forums bring the chemistry community together to share ideas. Our members are more informed, better connected, and more valuable to employers and institutions.


Putting microbes to work for us

What do glaucoma, oil sands tailings ponds and solar cells have in common? They all appear in the resumé of Dr. Vikramaditya Yadav, MCIC, a chemical engineering professor whose pursuit of bio-inspired tools for carrying out critical chemical transformations has taken him to some unexpected places.

The darker reality behind the brighter alternative

For decades, solar panels have been the solution we have all been looking for. Harvesting sunlight and converting it into usable power should be a harmless and notably sustainable energy solution for future generations. That perception makes it easy, however, to overlook the complete life cycle of a solar panel system is often overlooked. Solar...


October 25-28, 2020

70th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC 2020)

Ottawa, ON