It's Chemistry, Eh?! YouTube Contest

The It's Chemistry, Eh?! YouTube Contest challenges students in high schools across the country to communicate chemistry concepts in a fun and creative way. Suggested topics include the benefits of chemistry in everyday life, contributions of a recognized chemist and busting a commonly held myth about chemistry. Submissions are judged on educational value, accuracy of content, quality of information, ability to effectively communicate ideas, creativity, relevance to the theme and production value. The winners receive prize money to put toward further education.

Visit the CIC YouTube Channel to view all submissions.

2014 Winners of the It’s Chemistry, Eh?! YouTube Contest

First Place:
The Chemistry of Baking
Evangeline (Evie) McLaren Devenyi of Northern Secondary School

Second Place:
The Chemistry of Ant Bites
Shreya Jha and Judy Chen of University of Toronto Schools

Tied for Third Place:
Chemistry in the Wild
Julia Pandolfo and Laura Wu of University of Toronto Schools

Resurrecting Chemistry
Christine Jing and Yuke Guo of York Mills Collegiate Institute

2013 Winners

First Place:
Chemistry is Everywhere
David Aukema

Second Place:
What if Chemistry Stopped Working
Marta Skreta of Bishop Allen Academy.

Third Place:
What does Organic mean to you?
Emma Xie and Fangwei Chang

2012 Winners

First Place:
The Adventures of Chemistry Cat
Heather Tang and Benjamin Levy of University of Toronto Schools

Second Place:
H2O Everyday
Benjamin Pitfield of Crescent School

Third Place:
Chemistry: 24 Hours a Day
Natalie Ngo and Seiyon Sohn of University of Toronto Schools