Wonders of Chemistry

The Chemical Institute of Canada offers a number of programs each year to help raise public understanding and appreciation of the chemical sciences and engineering and to engage young audiences to foster an interest in the chemical sciences and engineering and generate enthusiasm for the creative future of those fields.

Our outreach programs are made possible through collaboration with Local Sections, Subject Divisions, elementary and high schools, universities, colleges, industry and other science-based not-for-profit organizations.

It’s Chemistry Eh?! YouTube Contest
The It's Chemistry, Eh?! YouTube Contest challenges students in high schools across the country to communicate chemistry concepts in a fun and creative way.

Canadian Water Experiment
This tool for teachers aims to explore Earth’s most critical resource — water — while teaching students, of all ages, important fundamentals and applications of chemistry.

Canadian Chemistry Contest
The Canadian Chemistry Contest is a nationally distributed examination which challenges the skill and chemistry knowledge of Canadian high school and cégep students for prestige and prizes.

Canadian Chemistry Olympiad
The annual Canadian Chemistry Olympiad aims to identify high school and cégep students who have a talent for chemistry, and then to prepare the best of them to participate in the International Chemistry Olympiad.

National Crystal Growing Competition
The National Crystal Growing Competition is a fun, hands-on experience as well as an exciting competition for cash prizes. Schools are provided with materials and instructions on how to grow crystals. The objective is to grow the biggest and highest quality single crystal.

National Chemistry Week (NCW)
National Chemistry Week (NCW) is an annual, week-long celebration of the chemical sciences held in October in all provinces and territories in Canada. It’s a great opportunity for youth to get connected with the wonders of chemistry and for the not-so-young to appreciate the positive aspects of chemistry through hands-on experiments, games, demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and more.

Regional and Canada-wide science fairs
Students from over 100 regional science fairs display their science fair projects in March and April of each year. The top students from each region will move on to participate in the Canada–Wide Science Fair hosted in May. CIC’s Local Sections provide judges and prize money for many of these regional science fairs. Visit Youth Science Foundation to find out what’s taking place in your region.

Order promotional material
From pocket periodic tables to t-shirts to liquid crystal stress cards, a wide variety of promotional material is available to help make your chemistry outreach event a success. To get started, simply fill out the order form.

Fun facts
Explore facts about chemistry in Canada and other chemical trivia, debunk myths and discover Canadian milestones in chemistry in this extensive CIC Fun Facts Handbook.

Chemistry experiments don’t need to be complex activities carried out with expensive equipment. Now you can do these hands-on experiments with everyday items found in your house.

Experiments suitable for grades 1-3 (to come)
Experiments suitable for grades 4-6 (to come)
Experiments suitable for grades 7-9 (to come)

We sincerely thank all of our sponsors for making these initiatives possible. View our sponsorship opportunities.


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