ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News - July/August 2016

ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News - July/August 2016

ACCN (L’Actualité chimique canadienne) the Canadian Chemical News presents national stories from the chemical sciences and chemical engineering sectors. Published six times a year, ACCN features cutting-edge scientific discoveries as well as the latest innovations from industry. Insightful columns and breaking news stories embrace all aspects of the Canadian chemistry scene: its personalities and companies, government policy and academic breakthroughs. ACCN’s regular lineup of in-depth feature stories showcases the problem-solving abilities of chemists and chemical engineers and their embrace of the biggest challenges facing society today, from energy, food and water security to advances in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Featured Stories

Nanomaterials Tailor Made
U of T’s Geoffrey Ozin, recipient of the 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry­ Centenary Prize, was indoctrinated early on into the form and function of unique materials thanks to his couturier father.

In the 1950s, Ernest Ozin ran a bespoke tailor shop with his brother near Savile Row in London, England.

Apocalyptic visions and global conspiracies were the mainstay of...

The tradition of adding straw and other natural fibres to mud to strengthen earthen bricks and reduce their cracking...