January 2018

The economic crisis in 2008 undoubtedly had a negative effect on business innovation and research and development at a global scale. Canada was no exception and a tell-tale sign of the impact was a dramatic decrease in patent...

January 2018

Canada and the world currently face two immense challenges. The first is to reign in our greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to minimize climate change. The second is to develop materials and processes that are sustainable as well as safe...

Roberta Staley
Fall 2017

Oil and gas are a significant part of Canada’s economy. As a nation, we are the world’s fifth largest exporter of...

Michael P. Jansen
Fall 2017

First off, let me say how absolutely fabulous it was to receive the 2017 Beaumier Award for High School/CEGEP...

Samantha Smith
Fall 2017

Samantha Smith of the University of Toronto­ is devising­ new catalysts and ligands­ to enhance the creation of chemicals in industry and the pharmaceutical sector. 

Samantha Smith sees many similarities between an architect who designs buildings and a chemist who undertakes molecular architecture.

Joe Schwarcz
Fall 2017

Divide some laboratory rabbits into three groups. Feed one group normal rabbit chow, the second group a high-cholesterol diet...