ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News - Winter 2017

ACCN, the Canadian Chemical News - Winter 2017

ACCN (L’Actualité chimique canadienne) the Canadian Chemical News presents national stories from the chemical sciences and chemical engineering sectors. Published four times a year, ACCN features cutting-edge scientific discoveries as well as the latest innovations from industry. Insightful columns and breaking news stories embrace all aspects of the Canadian chemistry scene: its personalities and companies, government policy and academic breakthroughs. ACCN’s regular lineup of in-depth feature stories showcases the problem-solving abilities of chemists and chemical engineers and their embrace of the biggest challenges facing society today, from energy, food and water security to advances in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Featured Stories

Methan capture
Governments have imposed ambitious targets to stop the emission of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from oil and gas operations. What will it take to meet them?

Decades before climate change became an environmental crisis, Canada’s petroleum industry disposed of then-unmarketable natural gas, or methane, simply by burning it. In Alberta’s Turner Valley oi...

For most of human history, fresh water was wherever we could find it. Communities were set up on flood plains...

The city of Suzhou in Jiangsu province in China lies about 100 kilometres northwest from Shanghai, China’s largest economic and trading centre....



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