CSC Silver Medal

Presented to the top students at each Canadian university entering their final year of chemistry, biochemistry or related programs.

The 2016 CSC Student Silver Medal recipients are:

Wilfred James Marsh, Cape Breton University, Chemistry

Alasdair Campbell, Carleton University, Chemistry

Cynthia Messina, Concordia University, Biochemistry

Min Kim, Dalhousie University, Chemistry

Brennan S. Mao, Lakehead University, Chemistry

Richard Fangze Liu, McGill University, Biochemistry

Jiarun Wei, McMaster University, Biochemistry

Scott Laengert, McMaster University, Chemistry

Pierre Alexandre Devlaminck, McGill University, Chemistry

Victoria Downing, Memorial University, Chemistry

Marli Vermooten, Memorial University, Grenfell Campus, Environmental Chemistry

Rachel Witt, Mount Saint Vincent University, Chemistry

Eliza McColl, Trent University, Biochemistry

Hamza Khattak, Trent University, Chemistry

Marie-Pier Dinel, Université de Montréal, Chemistry

Paloma Prieto, University of British Columbia, Chemistry

Caitlin Sande, University of Guelph, Biochemistry

Keegan Miller, University of Guelph, Chemistry

Mohamed Ahmed, University of Guelph, Biological and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

James Pearson, The King's University, Chemistry

Matthew Hill, Ryerson University, Chemistry

Mathieu Campagna, Université de Moncton, Chimie

Diène Faye, Université de Moncton, Biochimie

Nicolas Fontaine, Université Laval, Chimie

Darryl Wilson, University of the Fraser Valley, Chemistry

Ryan Pangilinan, University of Manitoba, Biochemistry

Vanessa Hoi, University of Manitoba, Biotechnology

Zhe Xia, University of Manitoba, Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Zachary Huschi, University of Saskatchewan, Chemistry

Nabanita Naward, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Biological Chemistry Specialist

Adam Baginski, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Chemistry Specialist

Navneet Lotay, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Forensic Science, Chemistry Specialist

Hassan Qusai, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Chemistry

Natasha Roblesky, University of Victoria, Chemistry

Menal Huroy, York University, Chemistry

Roksana Nowroozi Dayei, York University, Biochemistry

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