CIC/SCI Canada

CIC/SCI Collaboration Through Innovation

In 2012 the UK-based Society of Chemical Industry’s SCI Canada Section and the CIC’s Economics and Business Management Division merged to become CIC/SCI Canada, the business Forum of the CIC.

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The new Forum expands on SCI’s “where science meets business” mandate by enhancing connections between industry, chemical scientists and engineering professionals. The Forum is also an opportunity for CIC/SCI Canada to connect with CIC members from across the country, and to build on the traditional awards program run by CIC/SCI Canada.



The Forum

  • Rewards excellence in the field of chemistry and the chemical industry by presenting the CIC/SCI Canada Awards to industry and academic leaders for the outstanding achievements they have made in business development
  • Recognizes the highest performing graduating undergraduate students each year in biochemistry, chemical engineering and chemistry from universities across Canada
  • Organizes and promotes industrial symposia at the conferences of the CIC’s Constituent Societies, workshops, and seminars
  • Works with and develops strategic relationships with similar types of global organizations
  • Provides networking opportunities between research and industry

CIC/SCI Canada Executive