Access to the Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

The Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) and the University of Ottawa have come together to provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are members of the CSC with access to the journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) through the University of Ottawa’s Library.

To provide the appropriate licensing permission, the RSC and the Canadiand Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) have prepared an addendum to the University of Ottawa’s CRKN license for RSC Online Journals.  The addendum specifies that the SMEs described above would have use of the licensed materials for commercial use, but limited such commercial use to commercial research.  The addendum defines SMEs as organizations which have less than fifty (50) employees and an operation budget of <C$20 million.

To access this resource, the CSC will provide members with an electronic application request form. Eligible members who meet the CRKN licence requirements will then receive confirmation of elegibility and the University of Ottawa login credentials that enable access to RSC journals through a proxy authentication page.

View the RSC Journals eligible CSC members will have access to.