Canada Medal

Presented to a business leader in a Canadian industry who has had a clearly positive impact on their business that is based on chemistry for its processes and/or services and on the Canadian industry as a whole. 

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The 2016 winner of the Canada Medal is:

John Blachford, H. L. Blachford Ltd.
, Presented by Lorenzo Ferrari, CIC/SCI Canada Chair (right)

John Blachford has led H.L. Blachford Ltd., a highly successful business involved in the chemical industry and the acoustics industry for four decades. The business has plants in Canada and the US and the UK. He is a strong supporter of research within his company, developing new products for Canada, the US and abroad. As a champion of Responsible Care®, Blachford has demonstrated that strong ethics play a key role in growing and sustaining business. He has been a strong supporter of the chemical industry associations.

Blachford received his BSc in chemical engineering followed by his PhD in chemistry from McGill University.

Past Winners

Kim Sturgess, Alberta WaterSMART
Presented by David Beckman, CIC/SCI Canada Chair (right)

Richard Paton
President and CEO, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Grant Thomson
NOVA Chemicals