Fred Beamish Award

Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, the Fred Beamish Award is presented to an individual who demonstrates innovation in research in the field of analytical chemistry, where the research is anticipated to have significant potential for practical applications.

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The 2016 winner of the Fred Beamish Award is:

Michael Serpe
University of Alberta

Michael J. Serpe received his BS at the University of Central Florida in 2000, and his PhD in analytical chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2004. After conducting research in industry for one year he joined the group of Stephen Craig at Duke University as a postdoctoral fellow. He joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alberta as an assistant professor in 2009 and was awarded early tenure and promoted to associate professor in 2013. The Serpe Group is studying various aspects of colloid, polymer, and surface science with emphasis on using photonic materials and responsive polymer-based systems for myriad applications. Some examples include sensing, biosensing, controlled/triggered drug delivery, self-bending materials and actuators (i.e., artificial muscles), and water remediation. Serpe has been named a Grand Challenges Canada Rising Star in Global Health, received the 2013 Petro Canada Young Innovator Award, has been named one of Edmonton's Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine for 2013-2014, and was the recipient of the 2015 Martha Cook Piper Research Prize.

Past Winners

Janine Mauzeroll, McGill University
Presented by Ken Yeung, Chair, Analytical Chemistry Division (right)

Juewin Liu
University of Waterloo

Jean-François Masson
Université de Montréal