CNC/IUPAC Travel Awards

Sponsored jointly by CNC-IUPAC’s company associates and the CIC Gendron Fund, CNC-IUPAC established the CNC/IUPAC Travel Awards in 1982 to enable young scientists who are currently working at a Canadian institution to present their research at IUPAC-sponsored conferences outside of Canada. 

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The 2016 winners of the CNC/IUPAC Travel Awards are:

Audrey Moores
McGill University

Claude Legault
Université de Sherbrooke

Graham Murphy
University of Waterloo

Gregory Welch
University of Calgary

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The 2015 winners of the CNC/IUPAC Travel Awards are:

Jaclyn Brusso
University of Ottawa

Jean-François Masson
Université de Montréal

Roberto Chica
University of Ottawa

Dwight Seferos
University of Toronto

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